I am a sensual massage therapist & full-body healer.
You are welcome for sensual Heart2Heart massages in my cosy apartment in the Centre of Rotterdam

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Also “In some tribes of Central Africa masturbation is taught by an elder of the opposite sex”, and to abate sexual tension “old women quietly lay their hands on the testicles of little boys, and old men on the vulvas of little girls, holding them thus for some time.” Professor Malinowsky noted that such practices were more satisfactory than masturbation. Why? Because masturbation, while providing local relaxation, increases overall bodily tension, while skin contact with the opposite sex reduces it.

Therefore prolonged non-sexual skin contact between boys and girls, or child and parent of the opposite sex, would probably be a good way to improve hyperactivity, attention deficit, shyness, autism, violence, self-harm and related problems.

Edit: To be clear, this is not to promote inappropriate behaviour towards minors. Only to illustrate our lack of sexual guidance & our fear of touch, and its consequences.

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Men Get Hugged Less Than Dogs

Shocking, isn’t it?! A newspaper article the other day mentioned that Dutch men on average get less hugs than Dutch dogs.

That’s disgraceful! Everyone needs hugs, a loving touch…

So that’s one of the reasons I work also in the evenings from now on. Final appointment starts at 21.00h p.m.

Let’s give you guys some lovin’, right??


“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

—   W. B. Yeats (via theselittlewondersstillremain)


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Mmmmm why do I  like this so much…?

Anonymous asked: What you do sounds beautiful

Thank you! It is really beautiful, and I love doing this work.

Enjoy your day!

Welcome lovely people!

So many friendly visitors today on FB! Lovely to meet you all, hope you’ll enjoy my posts! I thought this pic’s rather yummy… 


A lovely vintage lady to get us through the day!

Hurrah, I’m on Facebook!

I´m still trying to get the hang of Twitter, but I´ll admit I´m more at home on FB. So from now on you can find me there as well.

I also have a page, please feel welcome to share!




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I must be a mermaid. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living. - Anais Nin

Dive in with me..?


I must be a mermaid. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living. - Anais Nin

Dive in with me..?

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Important Notice: I’m Coming Out!
I have been thinking a lot lately about the kind of work that I do. I have tried to provide love and healing, even if this was not what my clients were really looking for. I reckoned this would be a bonus for them.
But even if they might be, on a subconscious level, be searching for something more than (deep) relaxation only, I now realize it is not my place to give what I’m not asked for. Even if I feel my clients’ need very strongly, I will have to ask their permission to do this kind of work. And they have to be open to it, or at least willing to try!
This is also for my own benefit: I am giving away too much power right now by helping too many people who don’t understand or respect what I am trying to do. Which is detrimental to me as well as themselves.
So from now on I will also advertise explicitly that I offer a healing experience, something deeper than what is generally on offer in this field.
I am proud to come out as a full body healer: I heal people with very inch of my body. This is a unique talent that I am going to properly respect from now on. I expect nothing less from my clients.
If you are looking for a good massage only, I respectfully suggest you move on… If you are ready for a beautiful experience that will really benefit you, please be welcome!

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The art of Catrin Arno
I just returned from a very inspiring journey to South America! This journey will no doubt continue through my work… You are welcome to come and experience this with me.

I’ll be back on Monday July 29th!
Sometimes I like walking an obedient dog…


I can’t wait for summer… let’s get you ready!



I can’t wait for summer… let’s get you ready!

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